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Marshall Michigan, County Seat of Calhoun County
Zip Code 49068
The population of Marshall is approximately 6891.
Marshall is positioned 42.26 degrees north of the equator and 84.95 degrees west of the prime meridian.

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Marshall Events

  • Office of the Clerk Register of Calhoun County - Election results!
  • More annual event information
  • Find out more about the Marshall Historic Home Tour 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000
  • Things to do around Marshall
  • Want to visit Marshall?  Here's a home exchange offer.
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    Events Near Marshall
  • Battle Creek - Annual Prayer Breakfast!
  • Albion - Festival of the Forks
  • Albion - First Known Observance of Mother's Day
  • Albion - "Men Who Cook"
  • Jackson - Snowflake Chili Cook-Off (funny!)

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    General Information about Marshall Michigan

  • Blogs that mention Marshall Michigan
  • Learn about the Marshall Playground!
    Kid's Kingdom Playground Building - Day One | Day Two | Day Four | Day Six
  • Why not worship this week? Marshall Church Directory
  • Mid-Michigan Church Listings! Add a link to your church's web site, or just type in information about your church! Free! (Coming soon--Marshall Church directory)
  • Where is Marshall Michigan? Show us what cities are nearby!
  • A brief history of Marshall Michigan
  • Marshall, Michigan, Historic District
  • Marshall Historic Home Tour 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000
  • Marshall Information, including "Prettiest Painted Places" contest winner information.
  • Make hotel reservations for your trip to Marshall, Michigan! (Or anywhere else!) Get the best price!
  • Shopping in Marshall
  • Marshall Historical Index
  • Brooks Memorial Fountain
  • Capitol Hill School Museum
  • Museum of Magic
  • Honolulu House Museum
  • Postal Museum
  • Governor's Mansion
  • Governor's Mansion Postcard
  • Check out Marshall Real Estate Page!
  • Education in the Marshall area
  • Housing in the Marshall Area
  • Facts about Marshall Michigan
  • Information about "69" mentions Highway 69 of Marshall
  • Caron Chevrolet
  • Some early history of Marshall Michigan and Michigan history

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    Local Government Links

  • City of Marshall
  • City of Marshall Tax Forms (not on-line as of 2-03)
  • Albion Tax Forms
  • City of Battle Creek Tax Forms
  • City of Springfield Tax Forms
  • Michigan Tax Forms
  • IRS Tax Forms
  • Area Legislators
  • Marshall Public Safety
  • Marshall Recreation Department
  • Marshall Government links and emails
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    Calhoun County Links

  • New Calhoun County Web site
  • Office of the Clerk Register of Calhoun County - Election results!
  • Calhoun County Michigan Human Resource Directory
  • Fraternal Order of Police - Calhoun County
  • Calhoun County Courts
  • Profile for Marshall Michigan, school info, Congress info, county info
  • Calhoun County Courts
  • Fraternal Order of Police - Calhoun County
  • Genealogy. Calhoun County Michigan Genealogy.
  • Calhoun County photos and description
  • Finding Cranes in Michigan
  • Home Finder - Calhoun County
  • State Archives of Michigan - Calhoun County Genealogy information
  • Calhoun County Very big, very old, Map - 900k! (will take 3-4 minutes to load with a 56k modem)
  • Dear Folks at Home - Old letters (1800's) written by people in Calhoun County
  • Unemployment rates - Calhoun County (They've come down!)
  • Recreational Guide - Calhoun County
  • Profile of Calhoun County
  • Political Graveyard, Calhoun County
  • Weather in Calhoun County from NOAA
  • Calhoun County Visitors and Convention Bureau
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    Marshall Institutions

  • Marshall Michigan Chamber of Commerce
  • Oaklawn Hospital
  • Schuler's Restaurant
  • Standard Printing and Office Supply
  • Starr Commonwealth "There is no such thing as a bad boy."
  • Rose Hill Inn
  • Marshall Savings Bank
  • Marshall Public Schools
  • History of Marshall Public Schools
  • Gordon Elementary School.
  • National House Inn
  • Marshall Historical Society
  • H&R Block of Marshall Michigan
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    Marshall Entrepreneurs

  • Lionel Train Auctions -  Buz and Norma Ray
  • Marshall Auto Body repair sites
  • J.F. Miller Sales
  • The Fire House is the place to come to paint and create
  •  Stone's Throw

  • Attention Marshall residents,  and friends,
    please sign Marshall's guest book on the Marshall Home Page.
    List your e-mail and the URL your home page (if you want to hear from old friends or new friends!)

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