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Amy Plassman Home
712 E. Mansion



New to this year’s Home Tour is the home at 612 E. Mansion, owned by Amy Plassman. Although the original owner is not known, an elaborate “W” fashioned into the archway woodwork in the entryway gives the visitors a bit of a clue. It is thought that this Queen Anne home was built in the 1880's. The basement yields another clue to the previous home-owners. An inscription “Jim 1912" and an imprint of a child’s footprint can be seen in the poured cement floor. A kitchen and a room just above it were added at a later date. During the installation of a fountain in the backyard, the remains of a cistern and an outhouse were found.

A restored carved walnut bannister highlights the foyer and look for a restored circa 1885 cottage style piano from the New England Piano Company, collections of Wedgewood and Jasperware and a collection of old pictures throughout the house.

Amy Plassman bought the house in 2004 an remodeled the downstairs bathroom, created a walkway between the den and the kitchen, repaired the hall stair case woodwork and installed a fountain in the backyard.

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