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39th Annual Historic Home Tour September 7& 8, 2002

Historic Homes On Tour...

The Homes

Visit the country's largest national Historic Landmark District, the "best collection of 19th century homes in a small urban area" and site of a Michigan Historic Heritage route.

Voted the Best Home tour by the readers of AAA's Michigan Living Magazine. Designated the Prettiest Painted Place in the Great Lakes Region.

Fifteen structures, including eight private homes
Honolulu House with beautifully restored wall and ceiling murals
Fountain Faire, juried Arts show, Fountain Circle
Grand Ol' tour Antique Show, Arts & Crafts
Snack Booths, Lunches, Bake Sales
DAR Antique show
Musical Entertainment
Free Parking and Bus Transportation

G.A.R. Hall, Archival Center, 1902
Honolulu House, Italianate, 1860
US Postal Museum, Greek Revival, 1933
Governor's Mansion, Greek Revival, 1933
Capitol Hill School, Gothic Revival, 1860

Come early in the day and stay overnight, if you wish.

Contact the
Marshall Chamber of Commerce for area hotel information.


The Churches of Marshall invite you to join their congregations for
Sunday services. Visit the Marshall Church Directory.

Tickets may be ordered or purchased at downtown Marshall retailers,
ticket booths, or any home on tour.

Tickets are good both days.

The Tour is unstructured. Visit the homes in any order you wish. A map
of homes on tour can be found in the center of your ticket booklet.

Free parking and shuttle bus service is provided.

Advance: $13 (received before September 11)
Adults: $15
Children under 12 are free
Payable to the Marshall Historical Society.


Marshall Michigan Historic Homes on tour


Berry Home, 1844

Gothic Revival

224 W. Prospect


Bigelow Home

Queen Anne

329 N Eagle


Byrens Home, 1939

Tudor Revival

700 N. Kalamazoo


Codde Home, 1875


Washington St.


Feldpausch Home

116 W. Spruce


Lehman Home, 1860


1110 Verona Rd.


McCarthy Home, 1892


338 M Eagle

Schindler-Miller Home, 1920

Greek Revival

Hanover St.

Trinity Episcopal Church

Gothic Revival

101 E. Mansion

Stuart Law Offices

Greek Revival

121 1/2 W. Michigan
  American Express Office


223 W. Mansion


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Also, visit the Chamber of Commerce Home Tour

and the Historical Society page of homes on tour.


Marshall Historical Society
PO Box 68
Marshall Michigan 49068

Marshall Chamber of Commerce 1-800-877-5163

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