"A History of Marshall"

by Richard Carver Published by Donning Company, First Edition

600 pages,

600 historic photographs


"Marshall Memories"

published in 2006

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From the History of Marshall's fly jacket:

Former Marshall mayor and businessman Harold C. Brooks earned a national reputation as a leading historic preservationist. Much of his vision of preserving and enhancing the historic environment of his hometown was accomplished, but the history he began writing inthe late 1920's "to preserve for posterity an authentic picture of Marshall" was never completed.

Sixty years later another historican and lifelong resident of Marshall, Richard Carver, took up the cause of writing the history of the city. He drew upon his own extensive collection of photographs and documents and searched through Marshall's old newspapers and various historical documents many times over. Now, after more than five years, his labor of love "A History of Marshall," is completed and in your hands. This history covers over 150 years of Marshall history and is enhanced by six hundred historic photographs.

Brooks and Carver shared a love of history and a genuine fondness and pride in their hometown and will be remembered for their contributions to Marshall, one for his preservation efforts and the other for this long overdue history of Marshall.



 Richard Carver was born and raised in Marshall, Michigan, graduating from Marshall High School in 1937. He received a B.A. degree from Albion College in 1950 and a B.S. degree from the University of Michigan in 1951.

With a degree in mechanical engineering he worked at Woodlin Metal Products in Marsahll for eight years as draftsman and project engineer and for the Sherer Gillett/Warren Sherer Company in Marshall for another 21 years as a senior project engineer.

He served in France, Germany and Austria with the 103rd Infantry Division in World War II.

His interest in all branches of history, inititated by high school teachers and enhanced in college with a history major, has continued to the present time.


Excerpts used by permission from Richard Carver, all rights reserved:

A History of Marshall, 1993 by Richard Carver.

Published by Donning Company, First Edition, ISBN 0-98965-854-3

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two books


"Marshall Memories", published in 2006, is a pictorial history containing over 700 additional pictures not published in Mr. Carver's previous book. The material used was carefully selected from his extensive achieves of photos and documents collected over a period of seventy years. Captions for each picture take the reader through Marshall's amazing past. He relates not only his experiences and early research, but also conversations with friends, relatives and noted residents. This self published, hard cover, 9" X 11", 416 page book, has approximately 700 black and white pictures. There is a LIMITED QUANTITY available for $50.00 plus $6.00 for shipping.

Mr. Carver's first book, "A History of Marshall", published in 1993, is also available in a LIMITED QUANTITY. This is a hard cover,
9" X 11" book, with 600 black and white pages and is $40.00 plus $6.00 shipping.

For further information, please call 269-781-5668.

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