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Marshall Michigan

King & Spaulding Home
430 Divison Street

With an obvious love of Scottish architecture, Alfred P. Stuart built this Cotswold Cottage revival home in 1938. 

It remained in the Stuart family for 65 years, most recently occupied by Frances Stevens Stuart. Partially constructed of locally quarried Indiana sandstone from an 1836 church, the interior design was greatly influenced by the Colonial Revival style of the times with an enclosed front entry.

Rounded interior archways, and walnut-stained beech woodwork throughout.
David King and Gayland Spaulding purchased the home and began renovations in the spring of 2003.

After 14 years in Chicago, their ever-growing interest in the American Arts and Crafts movement, as well as a particular appreciation for Mission and Chicago Bungalow styles led them to recreate a footprint reminiscent of 1915 and their desire to capture the simple, warm and welcoming atmosphere of this brief post Victorian period.


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Photos courtesy of Jan Lee, Backyard Photography
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