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Marshall Michigan

Warren Home
224 High Street

It is believed this Italianate home was built circa 1860. Shortly after purchasing the home in 1937, former owners Lewis and Janet Starr contracted significant changes to the home including removing the original galley kitchen in what is now the garage, installing bathrooms and a kitchen in the home as well as several doors. The Starrs also replaced windows, added oak flooring and rebuilt the south porch. All of this was done for a quote of $693.00.

One of the windows from this project was moved from the home to the south side of the garage and displays a carved entry of “Ella J Potter, June 10, 1881”.

The Warrens purchased the home in 1998. Since that time they have worked nearly nonstop to remodel and refinish the entire home. The Warren’s work includes extensively remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms (only saving a funny little corner toilet in the downstairs half bath), repainted every room, installing reproduction light fixtures, and landscaping and painting the exterior.

The home is decorated with numerous antiques, photographs, paintings and crafts from the Warrens and their families, several of which are identified throughout the home on your tour. A curved walnut banister highlights the foyer. Mr. And Mrs. Warren are eager to share their passion for preserving the character of our historic structures while adapting them to modern living. They hope to spread their preservation philosophy while they enjoy their love of Marshall.

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Photos courtesy of Jan Lee, Backyard Photography
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