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Edsall Home

The Edsall’s 1928 Cape Cod on North Marshall is one of a series of seven houses built by Harold Brooks. The Edsalls have made it an ideal showcase for their collection of antique furniture as well as an attractive, comfortable home.


This 1928 home is one of ten Cape Cod style homes built by past mayor and preservationist Harold C. Brooks. Mr. Brooks, the “Godfather” of preservation in Marshall, purchased vacant land to prevent inappropriate landfill.

Judy and John Edsall have lived in this home since 1997. They have five grown children, Doug, Emily, Jim, Tom and Cammy.

John and Judy have many beautiful antiques and collections throughout their home. Of particular interest are the Regina Cabinet Music Box, the extensive collection of Staffordshire, Spode Blue Tower china, Ruby Thumbprint glass, pattern glass goblets, and antique silver. Judy credits her mother, Margaret Ewing, with teaching her all she knows about antiques. Margaret was an enthusiastic antique collector, and her personal collections now belong to Judy. The Edsalls are grateful for the knowledge and love of “old things” that Mrs. Ewing passed on to them.

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