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Healey Home

The Healey Family has made the Joy House, an Italianate Modified Greek Revival built in 1844, a warm, family home which showcases their family antiques and collections. Their personal items add a special touch to one of Marshall’s distinctive homes, which was formerly a bed and breakfast.


This 1844 Italianate home, listed both on the State and National Registers of Historical Places, is featured on the front of the 19th Century Homes of Marshall, Michigan.

Richard and Polly Healey, daughter of Clare 21, and son Will 20, purchased the home in July 2004 and have enjoyed researching the collection of information and memorabilia previous owners have compiled and passed on with the sale of the home.

Extensive renovations were done in 1970 and again 2003. Prior to the Healey’s purchase, the home was used as a Bed and Breakfast. Since July 2004, Richard and Polly has installed new fencing and are beginning to renovate the gardens.

The home contains many antiques. The majority of the antiques are family pieces from both Pennsylvania and New York. Some special pieces are the silver coin collection from the 1750s, the grandfather clock from the 1700s, and Richard’s duck collection.

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