Historic Home Tour

Marshall Michigan

Sigren Home

The 1850 Sigren Home shows the delightful difference hard work and personalized touches make in transforming a once ordinary house into a welcoming and wonderful home with pleasant surprises around each corner.


Pam Sigren purchased this home in the fall of 2001. While on Marshall’s Garden Tour in the late ‘90s, Pam noticed this very derelict property, and she says, “I had a vision.” The home was completely overgrown with raspberries, ivy, and maple seedlings. This house was not in livable condition. With the help of a friend and “master of everything” Eric Witzke, they undertook the complete restoration project.

Some of the unique restorations to this property include the addition of the great room, bath and craft/garden room, a private courtyard, and stucco walls using old slate from the Olivet College Library, tiles from Mexico, and various items found in architectural antique stores from Chicago to Toledo.

Pam displays her collections of antique candlesticks, tins, “anything English,” Toby mugs, and Mexican religious folk art throughout the home.

Pam fondly refers to her “impulse buy” as “Grandma’s Cottage.”

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