Historic Home Tour

Marshall Michigan

Merrild Home

The Queen Anne owned by Andy Merrild features an unusual Carriage House with appealing aspects including a studio and finished pool room. Make sure to notice the beautiful landscaping in addition to the lovely house.


This Queen Anne home was built in 1853 by George C. Lay and sold to James A. Way in 1855. Mr. Way practiced law in Marshall for many years. Extensive renovations to the property began in 1882 and continued through 1891.

Andy and daughters, Adrienne 15, Hayley 13, and Lauren 12 have lived in this home since 1998. Since the purchase, every room in the house has been renovated. Tumbled marble floors, granite countertops, Jacuzzi tubs and ceramic floors and walls have been added.
In the carriage house (open for the first time), you will find that the stable room has been completely renovated into a billiard room, complete with a turn of the century Brunswick billiard table.

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