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Marshall Michigan

Keith Kehlbeck & Ali Webb Home
340 N. Madison



The Colonian Revival home built in 1903 and not seen on the Home Tour since 1999 is now owned by Keith Kehlbeck and Ali Webb. Located at 340 N. Madison this home’s original owners were Mary Lou Lawson and Mrs. Moss. It was held in the family until Keith and Ali purchased it in 2001. The current owners have some copies of photos of the exterior and interior which were given to them by the grandchildren of those original owners.

Some changes have been made to the home: they added a deck in the second lever, remodeling an upstairs bathroom and creating a wine cellar.

In the home you’ll find several original oil paintings by portrait artist Eugene A. Poole, (Contemporary of Winslow Home) and was Ali’s great grandfather. Other portraits include Ali’s great grandmother (Aileen Poole McGinnes) as a child, Ali’s great grandparents (Rev. John and Sophronia Towles) and several landscapes. Antiques in the home include E. A. Poole’s palette and brush, a shaving stand, 1920's wicker chairs from a family home in Virginia, a Ming vase (turned into a lamp) and Keith’s extensive American Civil War book and memorabilia collection.

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