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Marshall Michigan

Wiils Home
302 North Marshall Avenue



This Queen Anne home, owned by Kevin and Kara Wills, has not been seen on the Home Tour since 1996. The house was built in 1889 for Lewis and Caroline Townsend. Much of the house is relatively pristine architectural state with the arrangement of the rooms remaining much the same as seen in the early 1900's only the wrap around porch and kitchen porch missing. Among the impressive original features are seven large pocket doors, white pine and ash floors, a faux marble (slate) fireplace, beadwork trim above the doors and fifteen pairs of original interior shutters.

Since the Wills purchased the home in 1994, they have restored the kitchen to its original location and remodeled it, installing cherry cabinets modeled after some of the original pine cabinetry. They also remodeled a bathroom using an 1870 dresser for a vanity and had Michael Peck hand tint and glaze the Anaglypta wallpaper to mimic antique china. Judy Peters faux finished the family room and the Wills repainted, wallpapered, refinished floors and installed floor coverings.

Antiques of interest to look for are a pressed oak kitchen clock, carved tables, an oak roll-top desk and secretary and Kara’s grandmother’s crocheted doilies. Also in the music room is a grandfather clock made by Kara’s father. Collections of interest include clear glass oil lamps, depression glass, and cookbooks.

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