Historic Home Tour

Marshall Michigan

Miller/Hodges Home
302 S. Liberty Street

Celebrating its first year on home tour, the Miller/Hodges home is a Princess Ann style built in approximately 1880. It is believe that the home across the street was the original farmhouse of the Stage family who owned the land that now makes up the neighborhood. It is understood that they built this house for one of the farmer’s children, as well as building two other family members’ homes, completing what is now the four corners of this intersection. The house was originally square in shape. Additions have been made over the years, including changing the stairway and one of the entrances to the home.
Luanne purchased the house in December 2001. Courtney and Luanne (who married last fall) have worked together over the past 3 years to extensively renovate the home.


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Photos courtesy of Jan Lee, Backyard Photography
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